Operation Halyard

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Operation HalyardHalyard Mission or Operation Halyard was an Allied airlift operation behind enemy lines during World War II.  In brief, Allied airmen had been downed in what was then Nazi-occupied Serbia in 1944.  These men had to abandon their downed aircraft and pray they make it to safety or stayed away from the German Nazi forces.  These 500+ men landed near a small town in Serbia called Pranjani.

Now, before I continue let me tell you a couple of things about Pranjani then.  One, it was a very small village.  The residents of Pranjani were poor and doing good to feed their own people.

However, these Serbian villagers took in these fallen soldiers and helped them.  Gave up their beds resulting in them sleeping on floors or outside. Fed these extra 500+ mouths without a second thought.  This is still how the Serbian people are. I know this from experience.  They built runways to help these allied airmen escape.  But these videos explain it better.  These men tell their stories and experiences better than I ever will.  So please, enjoy.

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  1. That was really noble and brave of those Serbs. They really went out of their way and not only were the Brits hiding from the Nazis but at that point if the Serbs were found it would be pretty bad for them too. You wouldn’t get that everywhere and I’m glad it’s still like that.

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