Chapter Eight – The Rally Continues

Chapter 8 – The Rally Continues

As time passed since dawn, there was and still is concern about the events that are occurring. The good news is that some people started to go to work and try to resume their daily lives. The banks opened once more (not all the branches) but for a short period of time, some post offices were open and some businesses were open. Traffic was not hectic but it started to look like life is being returned.

However, some people and that includes me did not go to work because still many sectors are closed. They are trying to open some areas bit by bit and see whether the protests affect them or not. In some instances, the people whose work is far away from the demonstration area should not be affected and therefore, resume their daily routine. This is the 13th day of protests and some people are not convinced their demands have been met. The problem is that there is not sufficient trust between the people and the government. The government may say something, but then nothing happens. This has been the situation in most cases for the past 20 years or more. This is why the government is seen as a corrupt organisation. The main focus today was between discussions of the government and various oppositions and youth; like the Muslim Brotherhood. The vice president has many talks and discussions. In the end, the following was reached:

The people in Tahrir square still demand that the president leaves. It can be a confusing situation because we have been roughly in 2 weeks of a paused life. We can’t stay like this for long because there is two paths for Egypt: either we end up like Turkey or Iran. The latter option is not what anyone of us really want. So many today were focused on the people who do need to leave the protest region because the message has been received. We must respect their opinion and listen without hurting their feelings. Many requested that we have an area like Hyde Park, where it will be an area for those who want to protest. It is not a bad idea, but still needs to be approved and implemented. Throughout the coming week, more discussions and opinions are to take place and the aim is to try to go to a compromise to make everyone satisfied. In reality, that is very hard to do because you can not appease everyone.

Today was dubbed the “Sunday of Martyrs” to remember those who died for this country to make a change. Christians and Muslims were present and this formed an excellent spirit. Unfortunately, yesterday there was a plot to blow up a mosque and a church but luckily, that did not happen. It would have spiked the situation and things would have been devastating. So there is still tension in the air.

Hopefully, there will be investigations for those who are corrupt and especially, the ministry of interior. This is because he has been blamed for removing the police since last Friday and for giving orders to break out the prisoners from prison.

All corrupt organisations will be exposed and people behind the uprising in the last 12 days will be brought to justice,, for example the thugs in the street.

In the worst situation, if the president does in fact leave let’s say next week, then the army will take over and have the upper hand. Then i don’t know what will happen next or how the community will react. The worry here is that the Muslim brotherhood take over and that can happen. This would be like releasing a nuclear bomb and many people, including Christians would perish immediately.

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